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Setting up a Beauty Website with Yoodu

These days, the health and beauty industry is rising in prominence.

With the advancement of technology, online retailers are becoming a more convenient and preferable method of shopping. As a result, you must keep abreast of these changes, and one way to do so is to create your beauty site.

Creating a Beauty Website

In creating a beauty website, you must take several things into careful consideration. A few of them are the following:


The aesthetic appeal of a beauty website is crucial in attracting customers. Your beauty site will go unnoticed if it does not have a beautiful and simple design. Remember that you are selling cosmetics and health products; thus, it is all about aesthetics.

For your website, try to choose the cleanest, gentlest, and most elegant design available.

Product Quality

Because health and beauty products get applied to the body or face, you must thoroughly check them for quality. Aside from that, all of the things you sell must have a content description. People will know what they are buying this way, and those with allergies or intolerances to certain components will know what to avoid.

Contact Form

Consumers who shop for beauty and health products online frequently have queries regarding the things they have chosen. Without a doubt, the contact field will be quite valuable to them.

You can carry on to constructing a beauty website if you have pondered on these relevant considerations. In this regard, Yoodu has never made it easier to create a website!

"Far easier than the other no-code website builders. Simple to use and a fantastic result. Couldn't have achieved this with WordPress or Wix. Highly recommended for all businesses who need a website."
Alex Stephens, Sqwegg

Why Yoodu?

Connecting businesses to customers

While comparison sites do some of the work of getting your name out there, it’s still all too often that great opportunities fall through the cracks.

When a customer can’t easily find you online, it can be the difference between them giving you a call and not even bothering to pick up the phone.

We understand that no-one wants to waste hours on the stuff that’s not their job, so Yoodu gives you the power to start showcasing your work and bringing in new enquiries in as few as five clicks.

We’re not one of those website builders designed for trendy London media agencies – we make it so straightforward that your grandma could do it.

Yoodu: The Free Website Builder for Beauty Businesses

Your beauty website is an investment worth making because it is the foundation of your internet presence.

When you use a web design builder like Yoodu to create your website, you avail yourself of the following advantages:

  • Powerful, intuitive, and quick website creation: Yoodu allows you to create a website in less than 5 minutes! Yoodu also enables you to choose from several industry-leading designs, change the images, text, and add or remove pages, ready to go live in 5 minutes!
  • Templates produced by designers. Yoodu offers a wide line of fantastic designer-made templates full of ideas to help you get started.
  • Management of customers and appointments. Yoodu makes adding customers and scheduling appointments or events a breeze as many people can attend any type of event, appointment, or meeting as you desire.
  • Out of the Box SEO. Your beauty website is already search engine optimized; all you need to do now is develop engaging content to attract visitors. Yoodu allows you to integrate analytics to track website data and have a better understanding of your clients.
"My time is important, so being able to set-up and amend my website quickly is essential. At first I was hesitant to use a website builder, thinking that they can't be that straight forward. Hey, here we are with a great site that underpins our brand and business. Very cool."
Keith Gobange, DarkNoise

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Our site designer is built for speed and simplicity, enabling you to quickly create a professional web site.

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"Yoodu allowed me to take complete control of my website. The best bit was not having to contact a 3rd party web agency for small text changes. Their intuitive interface makes creating and maintaining a site so quick and simple, so I can change the site content within 1 minute."
Charlotte Wilson, Charlotte Wilson Design

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