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Why Yoodu website templates?

Our website templates are created by a consortium of leading graphic designers, each with years of experience in creating simple, stunning templates. Each template goes through a rigorous testing process that tests it across all devices and screen sizes to make sure it is truly responsive

All Yoodu's website builder templates are Free forever, we will never release premium templates so you can be sure that whenever you need a new website the templates you see are available for you to use.

When you create a new site based on one of our award winning templates you also get all the assets delivered into your website builder dashboard, enabling you to remove or reuse the assets throughout your site.

Click around and have a play, spin up and remove websites, it's all free.

Why use a website template?

The quickest way to get up and running with a website is to base it on something that's already 90% what you want, that's why we offer a huge selection of templates for you to choose from.

With our award winning templates you should easily find a website that fits your business style, allowing you to simply click and edit. It really is that easy, you won't need to worry about paying for a web designers time or have to think about whether your customers can view your site on various devices, it's all there straight out the box.

How to get started

Scroll through the huge list of templates, when you spot one you like hover over it and select the 'Preview' button to open the site in a browser window.

If you're happy, hover over the template and select the 'Use' button. This will spin up a new version of that site that you can start to edit immediately, then it's just a case of tweaking text and images until you're ready to go live.

Our website builder is incredibly powerful and takes all the heavy lifting out of the process of building a professional website.

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