Why UX Matters

great User Experience

UX (User Experience)

When it comes to creating your company's website, every detail, text, graphic, colour and even position of elements matter.

These details are known commonly as UX which is short for User Experience.

UX is about meeting the requirements of the customer in the simplest manner possible. There's a phrase in UX "Don't make me think" meaning that your customer journey should be obvious and a customer cannot help but fall though your site the way you want them to.

Simplicity is the hardest thing

So, i bet you're thinking this is simple, well unless you're lucky enough to have been born with a mega brain you'll soon find that simplicity in UX is a tough thing to achieve.

It's not all bad news though, there are a few easy things you can do to minimise the customers pain on your site and get the customer to complete your goals more frequently.


Just like in your home it's hard to find things if there's clutter everywhere, the same applies on webpages. Too much information makes it hard to spot the value in the page, so if you don't need it, lose it.

So, let's say the goal of your page is to get customers to buy your new green tartan slippers, then make the page about the product, don't load the page with other things. Keep the message clear and succinct "Buy these slippers", everything else is a distraction and can get in the way of your customer acheiving your goals!


Consistency comes in a few flavours, here i mainly mean with page layout and styles. If each page has the same predictable layout then a customer is going to quickly learn where the value is located on the page, predictable, reliable design helps your customer which in turn help you.

Consistent styling fits in very nicely with our next point, Brand!

Branding / Corporate Identity

The sooner you get your brand together the better for everyone. A brand encapsulates things like:

  • Logo
  • Colour pallette
  • Font sizes
  • spacing around elements

You get the idea.

A strong brand sends a clear message to your customers that you are a valid trustworthy company, it also benefits you by providing boundaries and keeping consistency in your design.

Clear language

Words, they are the most powerful tool humans have. Just 1 word spoken enough times has the ability create or destroy empires.

A good use of language is essential when communicating with your audience, studies show that:

  • Scanning text whilst reading is common in high literacy users
  • On average only 20% of the words on a page are read
  • Concise text and language improves usability by 124%

Be clear and get to the point, don't waffle unless it's part of story you are telling.

Call to action

A call to action is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response.

If you want the customer to click your 'Buy Now' button then make it stand-out from the rest of the page, clearly indicate that this is important and needs your attention.

Statistics ahve shown that:

  • Anchor text CTA's increase conversions by 121%
  • Contrasting the colour of the CTA to the rest of the page increase CTR (click through rate) by 38%
  • First person phrasing like "Start MY 30 day trial" increases CTR by up to 90%
  • CTA's above the fold increase conversion by over 300%
  • Placing the CTA directly below the headline increases CTR by up to 47%

That's a lot to think about right? You simply can't implement all these and expect 1000% increase but you can A/B test and see what performs better for you and over time vastly improve your CTR.

In Summary

Having a clean design for your website should be your top priority.

A clean design comes in several forms, including uncluttered layout, visual hierarchy, crisp typography, strong imagery, careful use of white or open space, strong branding including unified colour choices, and more.

If you add a lot of elements to your website, it can be considered quite busy. But, as long as you maintain a clean design, the site will work effectively and attract more visitors. A clean website not only conveys elegance but also makes your website user-friendly.

Build a solid brand and implement consistent design by leveraging that brand.

Use simple, concise language.

Implement and test your CTA's to acheive a better CTR.

By following these easy steps you will increase you site load speed, funnel your customers to achieve more of goals and appear like a solid, trustworthy business.

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